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We are a family owned company, since 2018, dedicated to meeting the needs of consumers looking for great tasting coffee with a twist (Flavor). We take proud in meeting the needs of customers by supplying them with freshly roasted bags of coffee and teas (coming soon), delivering it right to their doorsteps. We searched long and hard to find some the highest quality of beans from around the word. Then we freshly roast our coffee, package it, and then deliver directly to you, our customers. In addition to offering coffee, we also offer a variation of teas; from loose leaf teas to herbal tisanes which will be available soon.

Expect only the highest quality coffee and flavor, because we use premium flavorings and high-grown gourmet coffee.


Our mission is to provide a great experience, great service, and great products to our customers. Our goal is to be successful so that we can continue our philanthropic ventures. We are very fortunate to be in business and we want to do our part to make the world a better place for all.


Many people ask about the meaning behind our name, BuzzedBeans. And we have heard quite a few great assumptions, such as: The name is associated with the extra flavor that we put into our coffee. Or, the name is associated with the caffeine jolt one can get from drinking coffee. Or, the name is associated the best thing after hitter the buzzer in the morning. All these a good, but we have not confirmed any of the assumptions. Keep em’ coming, we enjoy hearing what our customers think our name means.